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Baker Auto Performance is becoming a restoration shop and source for used parts and information relating to Peterbilt 352 Cabovers.


There are very few trucks of this vintage on the web as we have been hunting for this particular model for some years.  Through his passion for these trucks, Karl Baker has become well-educated in inspecting the chassis and cabs for problem areas that one should avoid when purchasing this particular truck.

CURRENTLY SEEKING:  "ALL" 1966 - 69 Unilite 352 and "ALL" 1970 - 1980 Cabover PETERBILT 352s, 352H, 282 (single axle cabovers), Single Bunk or Double Bunk Trucks in running condition or as parts trucks.


If you have seen or know where one of these trucks sit (and not in a junk yard), we will pay a finders fee of $25 for any truck we purchase.  Must be verifiable!!  Pictures work best!!


Please include name and phone numbers or just a location  --- or fill out form here.


The "Patriotic Puller"

1977 PETERBILT 352 Pacemaker



  • 282/352: Tilt-cab cab-over-engine (COE) model that replaced the Model 351 (non-tilting) cabover in 1959. Formally nicknamed the "Pacemaker" by a staffer at Peterbilt after an in-house name contest in 1969 (the winner got a color TV). 1959-early 1969: headlights closer to radiator. The UniLite cab was all hand tooled. Pacemaker style sheet metal 1969-1980. The Pacemaker cab was refined through the 1970s. Pacemaker 352s were available in cab sizes ranging from 54" to 110" bumper to back of cab (BBC).

  • 352H high cab model introduced circa 1975 for larger engines, with higher cab and 1510 sq in radiator, instead of the normal 1100 sq in radiator. The 352H was a Freightliner Powerliner competitor. The 352H was available in 86" and 110" BBC lengths and the very rare 63" BBC cab.


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I am looking for my fathers 1973 PETERBILT purchased new from Waukesha, Wisconsin in spring of 1973. I do not have serial numbers but do remember the tag saying BUILT FOR DONALD BAKER. I will give a cash reward to the person or persons who lead me to where the truck is and I can verify the authenticity of the truck. I know he had money problems and had taken the truck back to Waukesha PETERBILT in 1976 or 1977.

If found, I would like to purchase the rig to restore it and give it a good home. The truck had no spot lights and was equipped with dual tanks and stacks. The color was green as was the interior. It was a twin screw with 318 Detroit and 4x4 transmission. The picture posted is when it was new and not tagged or with out stickers. I would be proud to own the truck my father purchased new!!!

Karl's Passion Began at an Early Age!

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